Wednesday, May 14, 2008

im back!

hello people!

I havent been updating me blog bcuz, i am on a very short holiday break..i'll be on a very short boring intensive course starting next week.. so i'm spending my time at me real home, good food and to catch up with my's nice u know....

Just a few hrs ago, I read an article in the star newspaper, by xandria ooi. i love her. i think she's smart, and she's damn real..(neway, j'adore the star, i read it everyday religously,not missing each page and column).today's column by xandria is regarding us children taking our family, especially our parents for granted. I couldn't agree more..bcuz i myself have not been nice all the time with my parents..Good thing i read that column. I think most of the time we treat our most loved ones the most disdain.not good ppl! matter how tired, stressful,PMS-ish we're feeling, it is simply UNFAIR to snap at our parents, man. Because it hurts. And it hurts them badly.

xandria writes that the thought of losing them is unbearable. same family is not perfect, i do feel like they make me angry. but i know damn well that i simply cannot live without them. btw, there's no such thing like a PERFECT FAMILY. what we see in other's is simply a perception.look deeper n u'll see they're not perfecct..

we cannot choose our family, but we can choose to make our loved ones feel loved and appreciated..

ok ok, i'm feeling teary-eyed now, so i'll chow..

Till then,

p/s- i just got back from marie digby showcase in 1u, she's so pretty but i could barely see her. i was relying on a fabulous camera of a guy in front of me.