Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm back!

Finally I'm back. I forgot that I have a blog that needs update every now and then. hehe.Umm.
It's been a hectic week, I'm sleep-deprived since past few days . I was busy preparing my project proposal...

Yesterday a terrible thing happened. My tyre burst, in the middle of LDP! Can u possibly guess round what time it happened? 5 pm! My front, left tyre has been making funny sound since last week. But that time, still ok la. Yesterday, I was heading home from SA, with the traffic very slow, but still moving, I heard a weird sound. I started to feel anxious, wondering if it's something wrong with my car. I was on the right lane, then. After a few more seconds, I was damn certain the sound WAS from my car. So i signalled and went to the left. I switched my gear (yes, I drive a manual car), only to hear even frightening sounds. The steering shook extra violently, and I knew I was doomed.
So i urgently signal to the left, again, and I pulled over. Went out and saw the tyre uglily torn. Kesian pulak. Guess what happened next? Apa lagi, everyone stopped and stared la..aduh. I would love to elaborate my misery yesterday, but just the thought of it seems too much for me,(drama queen)-I'm preparing to go out for merdeka countdown la. I'm going to Mutiara Daman.

To be continued......