Monday, January 12, 2009


I've been good. And bored. Now, I have only just a few more months left to bask in my freedom. As a student, as a youth, as a nobody. Ina few months I'll be graduating, will be entering another world, a harsh one, yes, but one with many benefits, I'm sure.

I'm feeling pretty rojak nowadays. Mixture or eager, sad, (angry, definitely), happy, too. I've been here for many years. Ohh.

Lately, I noticed that I get angry very easily. I snap like there's no tomorrow. I snap at my sis, my mom. I know it's really bad, but I just do. I feel that way. I can't help it. But at least I'm aware. Even my guy gets his fair share. Pity him. And everyone. If it's any consolation, I only snap at people that matter to me. So the fact that I snap at them even proves that I love them..? Would you believe that?

Oh my goodness. I'm feeling very bored, you know. I do. I'm looking for fun things to try, but nobody seems available. Urgh..

Do tell me if any of you are looking for partners for something fun. And I mean something FUN only!