Sunday, November 30, 2008

to hell with titles

My goodness
I haven't been updating my blog since september? I'm surprised by my own ignorance..Really. I guessed and assumed that no one would give a damn if I don't post regularly. (Thanks, friends!)

Anyway..Since late september, I have been madly bz (aren't we all?) with hordes of assignments, and then came hari raya. Oh about that, I have something new to bitch about. I've invited 4 of my closest childhood friends for makan makan. Everyone were damn excited about catching up with each other. They've RSVPed. Only to cancel it in the eleventh hour. The foods and drinks have been prepared and set on the table. Apparently, Ms J has a flight to catch the next morning, Ms A had a steady stream of ppl came to her house for raya, and Ms. B sudddenly needs to balik kampung. Ah. I couldn't describe how disappointed I was. Thankfully, Ms Steph came dutifully in the spirit of raya. Ironically, of all these gals, the only one (on that particular night) who understood the spirit of raya is not even malay. She even came on time.She stood at the gate waiting for me to let her in :) I was delighted to see her. At least one came. I sighed.
I didn't invite my guy because I wanted it to be all- girls nite. In the end I had to beg for him to come because the food on the table is enough to feed 8 ppl, and there's only me and my friend. I had to lie to him on the phone when he asked specifically which raya food was there. I told him his favourite lauk was there waiting for him. He came in less than 15 mins.
Good boy. That's why I'm still with him after all these years. Always there for me.

Anyway, all I'm trying to tell is that I want to see my friends more often. I miss all of them (the good ones only). I think we take our friends and our loved ones for granted when we are aware that they are always here in the country. We don't make an effort to catch up, thinking 'what's the rush?.We can meet later.' But when we hear that our friend from Australia or India etc is coming over we spring into actions, simply couldn't wait to meet him/her. You don't know what you have till it's gone...

Am I right or am I right?