Friday, May 29, 2009

hmm. a lot has happened these past few weeks. let's see..

I've finished my exams. I've handed over my (corrected) thesis. I've moved out from my place that I've been renting for the past 2 years..Major changes. But also welcomed at the same time. Brother got engaged. Went well. What else. Oh, my guy's sis dropped by the country in between flights, so my guy and I got to spent some time running aroung looking for cheap things for them (she and her friend). I envy her. It always has been my dream to travel around the world. But I've my own strategies as well. But I need to find a job first.

Anyway, that brings to the second issue, to get a job. Oh gosh. I am scared shitless man. But I know that it's worse to be broke all the time. I need moolah...A career.

As soon as I get my first salary, I'll enroll myself in the dancing class that I've only imagined all these years. Then, find more clothes, shoes, get good make up..And find a new hobby..With money I can buy all the books that I've only read inside the bookstores. Haha.

Ok... Till then.