Saturday, March 22, 2008

A lovely day, and night ahead..

This morning, woke up with a nice feeling-as how you'd feel on saturdays and sundays- that I can do ( or not) whatever I want. Hmm. For me, if I don't have any plan to go out, that allows for me to shower only in the afternoon.. hehe.. Don't give me that look! cit. But my usually fuss-free feline companion tends to avoid me on dirty mornings, except when she wants her biscuits. Btw,my kitty, her name is nicole. -No I'm not promoting Nicole Scherzinger's solo album.- Her name is really nicole, named after the cutie,stylish and once-jailed nicole richie. I'm a cat person. I'll write more about my cats and their antics later on, next post maybe..

Just an hour ago,my mom came at my place to give me the mermaid-cut black skirt that I'm going to wear for a soiree tonight. Actually,that will be just a few hours from now..I am barely prepared for it. I don't know, I'm just not excited enough to attend it. But I'm still going because all of my sweetest friends are going, so I guess it'll be fun, hopefully.Mind you there's no peer pressure here :) Another reason is that I've acted in the class' amateur-drama. I played as one of the villains, surprise surprise! In the drama, I was the only 'bad' woman, and there are 3 more not-quite-scary-looking guys. But then again it's understandable that I was picked as the only villain woman, because these girls, none of them seem, you know.. bad, or at least naughty, hehe. They're really angels freshly packed and sent from heaven. And I'm not being sarcastic here, mind you, as I think sarcasm is unnecessary -most of the time, that is. So it was nice of them to pick me as a significant role. All of these people in the drama are my buddies, so I don't mind playing the villain. Really. I figured that whatever I am, be it a villain or an angel( maybe next lifetime), I better be a good one, right?

As I'm writing this, nicole is enjoying her afternoon siesta on the laptop bag. I wonder how cats could sleep on and on without getting headaches.. Do kitties suffer from headaches? Do they suffer from any kind of illnesses at all? Maybe sometimes, I guess, but defenitely no headaches :) occasional fever gotten from fighting their territory with another four-legged animals, possible. But other than that, nicole is resting. Envy her. Or I could join her ;)

p/s I wish eceryday is a friday and every tomorrow is a saturday or sunday. If only... nevermind.

p/s 2- you know, some kind of response-feedbacks,comments,even bashings- would be nice...


Friday, March 21, 2008


Do you think you're awesome? How would you describe yourself? Are you pleasant, or downright mean? Perhaps something in between.. I wonder if people around us (or those that really matter-see,my mean streak is already peeking ), if they agree with our self-descriptions-and we're not talking about physicals here, not just yet ;)

Sometimes, we tend to perceive someeone else, as somewhat negatively-inclined.. I wonder if this is really necessary. No I'm not preaching here, mind you, as I'm no angel myself. But I surely hate it how mean we all could be when describing attitude/behaviour/how that fella eats/how that gal "catwalks" to the bus stop/ whatever, when we knew damn well who are we to judge.. I myself have been in this situation. This one girl, I thought what a snob she was! Didn't know her back then. Then, I chatted with her, and she turned out to be normal and quite pleasant! Shame on me, hehe..

I've had a fair amount of first-impression-bitching allright, but now that I'm older, I believe everyone deserves a chance ( or two ), to be given fair judgement, if you may call it. So people, be nice...

As cliche as this may sound, make it a must, people!
More love, less hate.
-Okay, you can hate, or love, once you know him or her, for real..-