Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lately, Malaysia has been bombarded with news of racial tension. First, that fella fron Penang, arrogantly made that statement 'pendatang this' 'pendatang that'. Then Teresa Kok. I myself feel very uncomfortable with these news ( regardless of whether or not these news are true ).

This is a multiracial country. I'm only 23 years old and (fortuntely) did not witness that racial clash on 13th of May 1969. But I understand its importance and its lessons. Tell you what, if we are not careful, history may repeat itself, you know.I don't know if any of you have noticed. but I have ,and from my own observations I notice that the elderly, senior citizens aged 55 and above, their interaction with Malaysians of other races are astounding! They are so kamceng with each other, live in the same neighbourhood, went to the same school, practically living, growing old with each other, makes this age group an example of what we youngsters should emulate!

My family (before I came along) used to live in a KTM quarters in KL. My parents told me, there were people of all races possible living in the same neighbourhood and together, they lived like one big family. My mom tells me, our former neighbour, an Indian used to babysit and fed my brother. Auntie Radha used to care, and suap kan him with love, and it was no big deal, let alone a taboo. But now, look at us. Despite all the sky high buildings, enourmous developments, our achievements, after 51 years of merdeka, sadly we (some of us, not me) look down on our fellow Malaysians. Some of us don't even want to acknowledge the existense of other people that do not exhibit the same skin tone. Only want to befriend and be around people that look like them, or simply put, people of our their own race la...

Do you know why this happens? I think, lack of respect. I think we should respect other individuals, regardless of thier race, religion,nationalitites, occupations, etc. It's a cliche, but so true. We tend to pick on the differences whenever we have an issue with someone else. Can you think of possible (and obvious) differences between Malaysians? Aha. You know it, too.

Another reason is lack of exposure. I think the fact that we tend to live and come in close contact with people of our own race leads to this problem. Think of it. Our neighbourhood, chances are our close neighbours are same like us. Malays with Malays, Chinese with Chinese, etc. Then we send our kids to different types of school, where the likelihood of our kids mingling with kids of other races are quite low, if not too low..

My point is that if ALL of us, (especially parents), make continous efforts in mingling with other races, we will understand that we are all the same, really.. We have the same problems, same concerns, same wants and needs.. It all begins at home. Our family should inculcate the importance of understanding and respect for one another, regardless of our race, religions, etc...

I'm lucky that I've been brought up in a multiracial environents. My parents did a great job in choosing the right type of school for me. I will do the same for my future kids. I'm gonna make sure they befriend people of different races. Or simply not point the differences!

We are all the same, really.

My next post-my opinion on Teresa Kok and her conflicting statements.

Anybody home?


Is anyone present? Cause I myself don't know where I have been for the last few weeks...

Now, time to spill the beans, on high and low points, that occurred latelly...

Uh-oh. Dunno where ( and how ) to start...

Oh. on 13th of sept, I turned 23 :) getting older, wiser, definitely more mature and more mellow...But I've got a long way to go.There are so many things that I haven't done, people I haven't met,places I haven't been to, things I haven't achieved, and I don't just mean school grades, here.. WAY too many things that I haven't done. Sometimes I wonder how my former school peers are doing.You know, to compare myself with them..****.I know that there are whole horizons that I haven't been to.. I'm simply too scared, I guess..Too afraid of screwing up. *******. That's not good.

You know what. I'm not going to wait until I graduate, and I start working,to turn over a new leaf. You know what. It starts now! Yup. Now at this very moment as I'm frantically typing this page (caffeine high)! I'll be more assertive,more spontaneous, more street-smart.I'd lead the pack (even when I feel insecure), I'll be more pro-active, a better ME! And for these awesome things to really happen, I'm gonna need my mojo. My confidence. My 'thing'.

I've many weaknesses. (Don't we all?). One of it is that I sometimes get a little too carried away with my future life that I'm not paying attention to NOW. *****. The future, actually depends, on me, on what I do NOW.

--I'm gonna need more time to get this deeply--

Excusez moi.

Anybody home?