Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad bad week

I no longer have a fridge in my place! Yup..hmm. Well, it's not mine, but I don't know, it was taken WITHOUT my knowledge... I know it's not mine, but that "fridge-owner" just threw my precoius ( and perishable) foods on the sink! A hole..My food was left sprawling and spoiled. Had to throw away those precious burger patties :( and i had to re-stock my foods, ciss!..

So that means I'll have to forkout some moolah to get a fridge. HMM.
As though my budget allows it.

Anyway, last sunday I was at home and ANGRY. I don't know but I was pissed off at everyone and everything-boyfriend and cats are not spared,huhu-for no particular reason, on top of that I was tired, and I have a final paper the next morning.

I miss my bf la :( he's bz :( :(

Oh btw, there's a new kitty surveying my place, smaller than nicole. Nicole is NOT happy with it, huhu. Now she's guarding extra dilligently, she gives that this-is-my-place-dont-u-dare kinda look. Haha..

Friday, April 11, 2008

In No-So-Distant Future...

I'll be graduating sometime next year..I haven't decided what type of job I would land. But I know I want and what I'm going to be-I'm going to be a good worker, yeay! And most importantly, I'm going to be financially independent. I'm going to pay my things on my own..No more urgent call to mak, to ask for some cash for the week :( It bugs me everytime if I have to do that. Huish. Other than that, I want a 5-day a week job, at least 2k pay haha... Then I want to buy a (good) used car, then I can shop more frequently... Ha..
You know, in a a way, I kinda dread the prospect of having to work for the next 30 years or so, but then again that's the way to grow up, be responsible, ... huhu. Even now, I wake up at 7am, and sometimes 9 or 10 is my schedule allows me...
Until it's time to wake up at 6 am from monday till friday, week by week, going through mundane routines, until that time comes, I'm going to baring baring just a for a while....

p/s my mak says that it's not good to sleep a lot. makes you fat...there's some truth I guess...but just so you know, I'm not fat! haha...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stressful la....

Aiyo. I don'y know where and how to start.. I simply couldn't describe jut how panic I'm feeling deep inside. So damn kalut. Everything is due this week, which happens to be the final week. On top of that I've a major test this friday, haiyo..And I didn't do well in 1 of my papers, and the previous ones. And tomorrow I've a 2hr class of that subject. I'm in trouble. My bad. Ciss.

Scared+anxious+angry+kalut= panic attack

I really shouldn't be writing this now. But I hope I'll feel better my the time I finish up writing this. Yup.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gluttony, 1 of the 7 sins...

Last monday I had started on my weight-lost programme. I'm aiming to lose 4kg, urgh...that means no more late nite roti telur, no more late supper.Must control intake of rice-but nasi goreng and nasi lemak are so good-.. This thing maybe so cliche, but ladies are forever battling with their body issues. Because most of us wannabe as pretty and skinny as those malnourished models in the mags... hot legs, with perky boobs and butts...Show me a woman who has not an inkling of desire to look like beautiful, there's none, I'm mostly sure of that...

Actually, I know I'm not fat. But I'm not skinny either. In my photos, my thighs, (and the rest of the body, of course) look awesome, just what I want them to look like,you know, slim..I look into the mirror and I see good pair of legs,but when I look down-literally speaking-I think they're horrendous!

So there you go. Healthy and fat-restricting eating from now on. The only major problem is that those fatty foods taste the best, really. So how can I give them up?

I'm a breakfast person, so my future choices must be healthy, low glisemic foods.( Roti telur is a no-no.) **
To have light lunch, and even lighter dinner everyday. Or every other day.
No rice after 3pm**
Most importantly, lets be practical, shall we..

** Exceptions can be made occasionally. Maybe I can have Friday as the cheat day! Hooray..

P/S As I'm writing this I'm thinking of banana-leaf rice... Kanna Curry House, Raju Curry House,and Shal is taking me to Madras Cafe for much-needed blr. I'll be raiding one of these little curry heavens sometime very very soon. Perhaps on Friday ;)