Sunday, November 30, 2008

to hell with titles

My goodness
I haven't been updating my blog since september? I'm surprised by my own ignorance..Really. I guessed and assumed that no one would give a damn if I don't post regularly. (Thanks, friends!)

Anyway..Since late september, I have been madly bz (aren't we all?) with hordes of assignments, and then came hari raya. Oh about that, I have something new to bitch about. I've invited 4 of my closest childhood friends for makan makan. Everyone were damn excited about catching up with each other. They've RSVPed. Only to cancel it in the eleventh hour. The foods and drinks have been prepared and set on the table. Apparently, Ms J has a flight to catch the next morning, Ms A had a steady stream of ppl came to her house for raya, and Ms. B sudddenly needs to balik kampung. Ah. I couldn't describe how disappointed I was. Thankfully, Ms Steph came dutifully in the spirit of raya. Ironically, of all these gals, the only one (on that particular night) who understood the spirit of raya is not even malay. She even came on time.She stood at the gate waiting for me to let her in :) I was delighted to see her. At least one came. I sighed.
I didn't invite my guy because I wanted it to be all- girls nite. In the end I had to beg for him to come because the food on the table is enough to feed 8 ppl, and there's only me and my friend. I had to lie to him on the phone when he asked specifically which raya food was there. I told him his favourite lauk was there waiting for him. He came in less than 15 mins.
Good boy. That's why I'm still with him after all these years. Always there for me.

Anyway, all I'm trying to tell is that I want to see my friends more often. I miss all of them (the good ones only). I think we take our friends and our loved ones for granted when we are aware that they are always here in the country. We don't make an effort to catch up, thinking 'what's the rush?.We can meet later.' But when we hear that our friend from Australia or India etc is coming over we spring into actions, simply couldn't wait to meet him/her. You don't know what you have till it's gone...

Am I right or am I right?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lately, Malaysia has been bombarded with news of racial tension. First, that fella fron Penang, arrogantly made that statement 'pendatang this' 'pendatang that'. Then Teresa Kok. I myself feel very uncomfortable with these news ( regardless of whether or not these news are true ).

This is a multiracial country. I'm only 23 years old and (fortuntely) did not witness that racial clash on 13th of May 1969. But I understand its importance and its lessons. Tell you what, if we are not careful, history may repeat itself, you know.I don't know if any of you have noticed. but I have ,and from my own observations I notice that the elderly, senior citizens aged 55 and above, their interaction with Malaysians of other races are astounding! They are so kamceng with each other, live in the same neighbourhood, went to the same school, practically living, growing old with each other, makes this age group an example of what we youngsters should emulate!

My family (before I came along) used to live in a KTM quarters in KL. My parents told me, there were people of all races possible living in the same neighbourhood and together, they lived like one big family. My mom tells me, our former neighbour, an Indian used to babysit and fed my brother. Auntie Radha used to care, and suap kan him with love, and it was no big deal, let alone a taboo. But now, look at us. Despite all the sky high buildings, enourmous developments, our achievements, after 51 years of merdeka, sadly we (some of us, not me) look down on our fellow Malaysians. Some of us don't even want to acknowledge the existense of other people that do not exhibit the same skin tone. Only want to befriend and be around people that look like them, or simply put, people of our their own race la...

Do you know why this happens? I think, lack of respect. I think we should respect other individuals, regardless of thier race, religion,nationalitites, occupations, etc. It's a cliche, but so true. We tend to pick on the differences whenever we have an issue with someone else. Can you think of possible (and obvious) differences between Malaysians? Aha. You know it, too.

Another reason is lack of exposure. I think the fact that we tend to live and come in close contact with people of our own race leads to this problem. Think of it. Our neighbourhood, chances are our close neighbours are same like us. Malays with Malays, Chinese with Chinese, etc. Then we send our kids to different types of school, where the likelihood of our kids mingling with kids of other races are quite low, if not too low..

My point is that if ALL of us, (especially parents), make continous efforts in mingling with other races, we will understand that we are all the same, really.. We have the same problems, same concerns, same wants and needs.. It all begins at home. Our family should inculcate the importance of understanding and respect for one another, regardless of our race, religions, etc...

I'm lucky that I've been brought up in a multiracial environents. My parents did a great job in choosing the right type of school for me. I will do the same for my future kids. I'm gonna make sure they befriend people of different races. Or simply not point the differences!

We are all the same, really.

My next post-my opinion on Teresa Kok and her conflicting statements.

Anybody home?


Is anyone present? Cause I myself don't know where I have been for the last few weeks...

Now, time to spill the beans, on high and low points, that occurred latelly...

Uh-oh. Dunno where ( and how ) to start...

Oh. on 13th of sept, I turned 23 :) getting older, wiser, definitely more mature and more mellow...But I've got a long way to go.There are so many things that I haven't done, people I haven't met,places I haven't been to, things I haven't achieved, and I don't just mean school grades, here.. WAY too many things that I haven't done. Sometimes I wonder how my former school peers are doing.You know, to compare myself with them..****.I know that there are whole horizons that I haven't been to.. I'm simply too scared, I guess..Too afraid of screwing up. *******. That's not good.

You know what. I'm not going to wait until I graduate, and I start working,to turn over a new leaf. You know what. It starts now! Yup. Now at this very moment as I'm frantically typing this page (caffeine high)! I'll be more assertive,more spontaneous, more street-smart.I'd lead the pack (even when I feel insecure), I'll be more pro-active, a better ME! And for these awesome things to really happen, I'm gonna need my mojo. My confidence. My 'thing'.

I've many weaknesses. (Don't we all?). One of it is that I sometimes get a little too carried away with my future life that I'm not paying attention to NOW. *****. The future, actually depends, on me, on what I do NOW.

--I'm gonna need more time to get this deeply--

Excusez moi.

Anybody home?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm back!

Finally I'm back. I forgot that I have a blog that needs update every now and then. hehe.Umm.
It's been a hectic week, I'm sleep-deprived since past few days . I was busy preparing my project proposal...

Yesterday a terrible thing happened. My tyre burst, in the middle of LDP! Can u possibly guess round what time it happened? 5 pm! My front, left tyre has been making funny sound since last week. But that time, still ok la. Yesterday, I was heading home from SA, with the traffic very slow, but still moving, I heard a weird sound. I started to feel anxious, wondering if it's something wrong with my car. I was on the right lane, then. After a few more seconds, I was damn certain the sound WAS from my car. So i signalled and went to the left. I switched my gear (yes, I drive a manual car), only to hear even frightening sounds. The steering shook extra violently, and I knew I was doomed.
So i urgently signal to the left, again, and I pulled over. Went out and saw the tyre uglily torn. Kesian pulak. Guess what happened next? Apa lagi, everyone stopped and stared la..aduh. I would love to elaborate my misery yesterday, but just the thought of it seems too much for me,(drama queen)-I'm preparing to go out for merdeka countdown la. I'm going to Mutiara Daman.

To be continued......

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight Madness

Have you watched The Dark Knight?

If you haven't, then you better do. A.S.A.P because it's freaking awesome!..And the fact that one of the main lead is dead simply drives us to watch and appreciate it even more. And appreciate is what I'm doing here as the movie was beyond great! It's been quite a while since I left the cinema with such an awe.. It's just so damn good because of The Joker. Heath Ledger gave one hell of a performance. The movie won't be half as good had it not been for him.Scary, psycho, witty, always ahead of the other guys and yet still keeps us wanting for more of him...

However this time around The Batman is rather subdued, which suits me just fine, because again, The Joker is just too damn good. Too bad he's not around to give us more of him...But I think Batman sounds funny whenever he uses the suit. Batman suit.His voice suddenly appears somewhat deeper. Actually, a lot deeper, hehe...Hero is as handsome as ever, huh he's hot allright..I just read in article that the suit that Bruce Wayne uses-not as Batman- was "handmade" by Giorgio Armani. Nobody mentioned who did the purple suit for The Joker, though...

I watched it for the first time on its premiere day, and i watched it again with my guy just now...
And I have a feeling I'll be watching it again sometime soon...

my favourite lines in the movie-"why so serious?",
"an unstoppable force meets an immovable object..."

I hope Heath knew that he was such a brilliant actor.

Friday, June 13, 2008

hey hey u u

hello. havent been updating me blog for quite some la..i just got back from the mall..i seriously couldn't wait to get me seems most of the stores are having sales! but i'm beyond broke, so i can only look those pretty things from far far away..tsk tsk...

everywhere we go, things are getting more and more expensive due to soaring fuel price..anyway, can someone explain to me who decides on the price of crude oil and how do they do it? There must be someway they can be beaten, right? Is it monopolised by a certain party?

most importantly, foods are getting costlier!!! It's true..A few months back, I read a headline in the star, it says "The era of cheap food is over".. I didn't give it a second thought, let alone reading he whole article..but then i almost had a mild heart attack to see the prices of 10kg rice was doubled!..macamana ni, aku dahla cepat lapar...

oh..i have a happy news. for meself mostly.. i just got what i've been trying to get that will change my life significantly... but i'm not gonna reveal it here... kinda embrassing hehe ;)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

im back!

hello people!

I havent been updating me blog bcuz, i am on a very short holiday break..i'll be on a very short boring intensive course starting next week.. so i'm spending my time at me real home, good food and to catch up with my's nice u know....

Just a few hrs ago, I read an article in the star newspaper, by xandria ooi. i love her. i think she's smart, and she's damn real..(neway, j'adore the star, i read it everyday religously,not missing each page and column).today's column by xandria is regarding us children taking our family, especially our parents for granted. I couldn't agree more..bcuz i myself have not been nice all the time with my parents..Good thing i read that column. I think most of the time we treat our most loved ones the most disdain.not good ppl! matter how tired, stressful,PMS-ish we're feeling, it is simply UNFAIR to snap at our parents, man. Because it hurts. And it hurts them badly.

xandria writes that the thought of losing them is unbearable. same family is not perfect, i do feel like they make me angry. but i know damn well that i simply cannot live without them. btw, there's no such thing like a PERFECT FAMILY. what we see in other's is simply a perception.look deeper n u'll see they're not perfecct..

we cannot choose our family, but we can choose to make our loved ones feel loved and appreciated..

ok ok, i'm feeling teary-eyed now, so i'll chow..

Till then,

p/s- i just got back from marie digby showcase in 1u, she's so pretty but i could barely see her. i was relying on a fabulous camera of a guy in front of me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad bad week

I no longer have a fridge in my place! Yup..hmm. Well, it's not mine, but I don't know, it was taken WITHOUT my knowledge... I know it's not mine, but that "fridge-owner" just threw my precoius ( and perishable) foods on the sink! A hole..My food was left sprawling and spoiled. Had to throw away those precious burger patties :( and i had to re-stock my foods, ciss!..

So that means I'll have to forkout some moolah to get a fridge. HMM.
As though my budget allows it.

Anyway, last sunday I was at home and ANGRY. I don't know but I was pissed off at everyone and everything-boyfriend and cats are not spared,huhu-for no particular reason, on top of that I was tired, and I have a final paper the next morning.

I miss my bf la :( he's bz :( :(

Oh btw, there's a new kitty surveying my place, smaller than nicole. Nicole is NOT happy with it, huhu. Now she's guarding extra dilligently, she gives that this-is-my-place-dont-u-dare kinda look. Haha..

Friday, April 11, 2008

In No-So-Distant Future...

I'll be graduating sometime next year..I haven't decided what type of job I would land. But I know I want and what I'm going to be-I'm going to be a good worker, yeay! And most importantly, I'm going to be financially independent. I'm going to pay my things on my own..No more urgent call to mak, to ask for some cash for the week :( It bugs me everytime if I have to do that. Huish. Other than that, I want a 5-day a week job, at least 2k pay haha... Then I want to buy a (good) used car, then I can shop more frequently... Ha..
You know, in a a way, I kinda dread the prospect of having to work for the next 30 years or so, but then again that's the way to grow up, be responsible, ... huhu. Even now, I wake up at 7am, and sometimes 9 or 10 is my schedule allows me...
Until it's time to wake up at 6 am from monday till friday, week by week, going through mundane routines, until that time comes, I'm going to baring baring just a for a while....

p/s my mak says that it's not good to sleep a lot. makes you fat...there's some truth I guess...but just so you know, I'm not fat! haha...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stressful la....

Aiyo. I don'y know where and how to start.. I simply couldn't describe jut how panic I'm feeling deep inside. So damn kalut. Everything is due this week, which happens to be the final week. On top of that I've a major test this friday, haiyo..And I didn't do well in 1 of my papers, and the previous ones. And tomorrow I've a 2hr class of that subject. I'm in trouble. My bad. Ciss.

Scared+anxious+angry+kalut= panic attack

I really shouldn't be writing this now. But I hope I'll feel better my the time I finish up writing this. Yup.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gluttony, 1 of the 7 sins...

Last monday I had started on my weight-lost programme. I'm aiming to lose 4kg, urgh...that means no more late nite roti telur, no more late supper.Must control intake of rice-but nasi goreng and nasi lemak are so good-.. This thing maybe so cliche, but ladies are forever battling with their body issues. Because most of us wannabe as pretty and skinny as those malnourished models in the mags... hot legs, with perky boobs and butts...Show me a woman who has not an inkling of desire to look like beautiful, there's none, I'm mostly sure of that...

Actually, I know I'm not fat. But I'm not skinny either. In my photos, my thighs, (and the rest of the body, of course) look awesome, just what I want them to look like,you know, slim..I look into the mirror and I see good pair of legs,but when I look down-literally speaking-I think they're horrendous!

So there you go. Healthy and fat-restricting eating from now on. The only major problem is that those fatty foods taste the best, really. So how can I give them up?

I'm a breakfast person, so my future choices must be healthy, low glisemic foods.( Roti telur is a no-no.) **
To have light lunch, and even lighter dinner everyday. Or every other day.
No rice after 3pm**
Most importantly, lets be practical, shall we..

** Exceptions can be made occasionally. Maybe I can have Friday as the cheat day! Hooray..

P/S As I'm writing this I'm thinking of banana-leaf rice... Kanna Curry House, Raju Curry House,and Shal is taking me to Madras Cafe for much-needed blr. I'll be raiding one of these little curry heavens sometime very very soon. Perhaps on Friday ;)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A lovely day, and night ahead..

This morning, woke up with a nice feeling-as how you'd feel on saturdays and sundays- that I can do ( or not) whatever I want. Hmm. For me, if I don't have any plan to go out, that allows for me to shower only in the afternoon.. hehe.. Don't give me that look! cit. But my usually fuss-free feline companion tends to avoid me on dirty mornings, except when she wants her biscuits. Btw,my kitty, her name is nicole. -No I'm not promoting Nicole Scherzinger's solo album.- Her name is really nicole, named after the cutie,stylish and once-jailed nicole richie. I'm a cat person. I'll write more about my cats and their antics later on, next post maybe..

Just an hour ago,my mom came at my place to give me the mermaid-cut black skirt that I'm going to wear for a soiree tonight. Actually,that will be just a few hours from now..I am barely prepared for it. I don't know, I'm just not excited enough to attend it. But I'm still going because all of my sweetest friends are going, so I guess it'll be fun, hopefully.Mind you there's no peer pressure here :) Another reason is that I've acted in the class' amateur-drama. I played as one of the villains, surprise surprise! In the drama, I was the only 'bad' woman, and there are 3 more not-quite-scary-looking guys. But then again it's understandable that I was picked as the only villain woman, because these girls, none of them seem, you know.. bad, or at least naughty, hehe. They're really angels freshly packed and sent from heaven. And I'm not being sarcastic here, mind you, as I think sarcasm is unnecessary -most of the time, that is. So it was nice of them to pick me as a significant role. All of these people in the drama are my buddies, so I don't mind playing the villain. Really. I figured that whatever I am, be it a villain or an angel( maybe next lifetime), I better be a good one, right?

As I'm writing this, nicole is enjoying her afternoon siesta on the laptop bag. I wonder how cats could sleep on and on without getting headaches.. Do kitties suffer from headaches? Do they suffer from any kind of illnesses at all? Maybe sometimes, I guess, but defenitely no headaches :) occasional fever gotten from fighting their territory with another four-legged animals, possible. But other than that, nicole is resting. Envy her. Or I could join her ;)

p/s I wish eceryday is a friday and every tomorrow is a saturday or sunday. If only... nevermind.

p/s 2- you know, some kind of response-feedbacks,comments,even bashings- would be nice...


Friday, March 21, 2008


Do you think you're awesome? How would you describe yourself? Are you pleasant, or downright mean? Perhaps something in between.. I wonder if people around us (or those that really matter-see,my mean streak is already peeking ), if they agree with our self-descriptions-and we're not talking about physicals here, not just yet ;)

Sometimes, we tend to perceive someeone else, as somewhat negatively-inclined.. I wonder if this is really necessary. No I'm not preaching here, mind you, as I'm no angel myself. But I surely hate it how mean we all could be when describing attitude/behaviour/how that fella eats/how that gal "catwalks" to the bus stop/ whatever, when we knew damn well who are we to judge.. I myself have been in this situation. This one girl, I thought what a snob she was! Didn't know her back then. Then, I chatted with her, and she turned out to be normal and quite pleasant! Shame on me, hehe..

I've had a fair amount of first-impression-bitching allright, but now that I'm older, I believe everyone deserves a chance ( or two ), to be given fair judgement, if you may call it. So people, be nice...

As cliche as this may sound, make it a must, people!
More love, less hate.
-Okay, you can hate, or love, once you know him or her, for real..-