Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Went to Malacca -work

Went to Malacca last week. Merlimau to be exact.
From office bout 3pm, I even requested from a dash to my place for slippers. Huhu. One of the execs in my office drove.
All very excited, after all I haven't been to anywhere for quite some time. But did feel drowsy bout 20 mins after we started on the highway. My partner in crime was already happily dreaming. I wanted to sleep too, but I was afraid that the driver might feel sleepy too.l So I kicked myself, trying to keep myself awake. Managed to chatted with him. Always a happy/ chiry fella. Good.
Dinner, went to Malacca town. Had peranakan dishes , pong teh/ vege.. cendol was nice, only I didn't order it. Ordered ice kacang instead. Haha. Don't like cendol la.

Slept like a baby. Felt tired. The best sleep I've had in a while.

The next day, listened to the briefing, yada yada yada.
Went to the estate, for real. Lucky I get to ride in a 4WD. As opposed to the boys all chunked together in a sad/lorry that did not seem suitable to carry human beings. But hey, they're going to be future assitant estate managers & estate managers (serious $$$$$$), so, they've got to do the nitty gritty work la.

I had a great time in the field. Learnt a lot. Mostly I loved going out for dinner. Haha

The 2nd nite, had steaks for dinner (wasn't feeling rice-y) ..tried some other dishes,too. Very nice. Nice restaurant, too. Will visit it the next time I'm in Malacca.

The final nite, now this was the best part, had fresh seafood for dinner. Garoupa deep fried , butter prawns (chewy prawns, wrongly made). Talked, laughed, 'bonding' with the important people. Had a great time though...But amidst all the fun, I know that I can only be this chummy with these people when off-working hours.. In office it's different.

Working sucks.It sucks to be an adult. But I need the $. And the experience.

I love my job I love my job I love my job****chanting


Saturday, August 1, 2009

New me...weeee

eh should be singing MJ's songs, not Lionel Richie's. Lionel Richie belum mati! -pun intended-

Anyway, where do I start. A lot of things has happened since the last time I posted my blog..I completed my degree, Michael Jackson died (can you believe it), Obama this Obama that, PPSMI was abolished, (damn I hate that one!), more 1Malaysia....blah blah blah.....Anyway, a lot has happened.

That also includes me. I was at home waiting for final results. When I got mine I was so bloody happy, (still am, actually). When I told family of my results they were equally as ecstatic. Then I had to really look for a job, instead of pretending..So I started paying more attention to ads for job vacancies...

I actually was quite ready to say goodbye to labs. I've told myself many times that I, as a graduate cannot demand too much, that I cannot be too choosy, or I'll end up in one of those sad statistics of unemployed grads.

So one day, I saw this ad, looking for a technician, of a health equipment. They need a science grad, well that's me your looking for, I thought. I immediately e-mailed my resume, and received a call shortly, to arrange for interview la. Then when the day came, I was so ready. There was a girl before me and I thought I definitely can kalah kan this gal.
Then, I went in. Interview went well, actually. Went very well, cause I stayed in the room for more than 40 mins! We were talking happily, discussing this job scope and all...

Ok. Then 3 days later, I got a snail mail, I did NOT get the job! I didn't get it! And I was bloody shocked I didn't secure the job. I'm a science grad, with good grades, I'm confident, presentable, can speak fluent English, can communicate well, loving (yes I am)...I'm strong, I can do anything. Even if I don't know how to do it the first time, I'll be able to do it soon enough! What is wrong with me that they didn't want me??

A few days later, I was no longer angry, kept on telling myself that maybe it's for the better, and hell yes it IS for the better!

Cause a few days later I read this ad from a giant co, wanting to recruit a bunch of fresh blood, braced myself for the interview and got in! And I don't even have to say goodbyere to labs!

Huh what a luck! But then again, there's no such thing as luck, my friend. Luck is actually YOU opening up to possibilities and actually snap up the opportunities that come to you as you move along. There's no such thing as luck. Only you, with eyes wide open, and have enough balls to grab the chances that present themselves to us. We decide our own luck. We do...

Huhu.. And so a new chapter begins...