Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm in the mood to bitch

what an exhausting time of my final moments as a student

i have been very busy lately working on my final year project. As soon as the lab part of it was over, I only had a few moments to breathe again, then I started back to work.
I submitted my report just a couple of days ago.That was the part that I was mad about. Actually the report was fine. But it was SOMEONE I was, and STILL, mad at!.

This fella, with his normal demeanor, made me look bad in front of my lecture. I would love to elaborate further, but it involved technical terms, methods, and whatnot. But bottom line, I was so pissed off, that I was speechless. I simply didn't want to respond.

My lecturer asked him if he taught me how to do ..a thing. The truth is he did NOT teach me that thing.And this fella, instead of answering the lecturer's question, went to twist the facts around around. ********** . urgh. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard those words. What a *&%^E& he is!!! Furthermore, he went on and on telling the lecturer that he'll be around to further his studies, as opposed to me, (I'll have to work, been studying for too l0ng, I need $)

Throughout his stupid blabbering, I just looked down,I didn't flinch a bit. But I felt funny deep inside because what he said actually was the total opposite if what happened and he knows it, too. He was saing his own ass and making me look bad at the same time. Who says men can't multitask? Haha


Stupid asshole. Retarded guy bitch! A hole.

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hye chill la ;)